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Cable Risk Quality Control

Making submarine cable projects insurable and bankable

Primo Risk & Control´s international specialist advisors are bringing together the worlds of Insurance, Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction in a unique and interdisciplinary way.

Primo Risk & Control´s singular approach is to control CAPEX & OPEX throughout the project´s lifetime based on a state-of-the-art risk model.

This model for risk reduction and informed decision making in all phases of the project is the pathway to insurable and bankable projects.

Why are we different and what makes this approach unique

Our analytical proprietary software CAERUS is based on 20 years of work in the subsea cables sector and quantifies the risk factors inherent in subsea cable projects.

CAERUS evaluates over 2,000 project parameters against established (solid, modern) industry practice and lessons learned, providing a comprehensive project risk score that highlights the key areas for improvement, risk mitigation and risk reduction. CAERUS identifies a route to bankability and insurability.

The second

Our ENGINEERING colleagues from PRIMO MARINE are the subsea cable industries´ experts with a wealth of knowledge and vast experience based upon:

  • 20 years of experience & lessons learned

  • 250 projects of subsea cable installation and burial completed

This knowledge and practical experience from working and developing subsea cable projects from design to operation in the harsh offshore environment represents the second differentiator in our work guiding to better engineered projects. We are the first to combine cable engineering, cable insurance and project finance industry knowledge into a single solution.


  • Interactive project data visualizations using our CAERUS risk software

  • Upfront engineering evaluation incl. engineering based risk profile

  • Achieve insurability on desired level (from LEG II to LEG III)

  • Bring insurance premiums under control

  • Achieve project finance lender requirements

  • Insurance Representation during the full lifetime of the cable: manufacturing, installation, maintenance & decommissioning

  • Independent claim reviews

Our bespoke expert
advice is built upon
the specific situation
and requirement for

  • Insurance Companies

  • Project Finance Developers

  • Lenders/Private Equity

  • Financial Institutions

  • Offshore Wind Developers

  • Interconnector Developers

  • Transmission System Operators

  • Cable System Owners

  • OFTO´s

  • EPCI & BOP Contractors


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